Tuesday, March 17, 2015

In Memory of My Granddaughter

Ashley Ellen Walden (Christensen)  3-15-1988 to 5-25-2011

I always thought she’d be there my whole life
That I’d get her crazy daily calls forever
Her loss brings way more than just strife
I’ve lost one very special treasure

She had her quirky moments of misery
But constantly strived to change her thoughts
She was always working to hone her sense of positivity
And made me smile with her list of ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’

I remember her at 7 lining up all her clothes
By colour or type – depending upon her mood
She was determined to only do it her way
Because she could see her way was oh so good

When she was still in school, we read together
And she would fall asleep to my speaking voice
Then, when I moved so far away, she’d call me
So I could read to her again – it was her choice

Her sense of humour always made me laugh
She preferred Maxine way more than ‘soppy’ stuff
She always tried to see my side of an issue
And treated me like my opinions were good enough

She loved her Grandpa with amazing strength
And missed him sorely when he was gone
She often spoke of feeling him around her
And now I know she is in his arms

She spoke of a life for Otto and her
A good one filled with memories galore
She knew that they could do this for sure
It was her goal and she did not ask for more

But somehow the Universe had bigger plans
And needed her journey to take a different trail
Even though I don’t pretend to understand
I know the Angels will guide her without fail

I Love you and miss you so much, Ashley

Grandma May 25, 2011  
Ashley passed away today at 1:23 a.m. as a result of a motorcycle accident


  1. Hi, I am Sue from grands9creations. This is such a touching poem,that my heart goes out to you. What a wonderful tribute to her. I am also a writer of poetry, books and so much more. I journal almost on a daily basis and I have over 30 journals of my daily life. I started journalling when I was a teenager and just continued. Both my husband, my adult children and now my grandchildren know that is just a part of me. I plan to follow your post because I feel a kindred spirit with you. Thank you also for all your kind words to both my granddaughter, Allison and myself. I want you to come often and not just because of the wordart freebies, but because I want to share those "thoughts my mind creates". I know you understand. Make sure you say a couple of words, too. Hugs always, Sue from grands9creations.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful words, Sue. I am so happy that you loved this poem. Ashley's 24th birthday is coming up on the 15th of this month and I miss her more than ever. Her little 4 year old son lives now with his grandparents in Texas and I just spoke to him last night. He and his Grammi were busy making birthday cards for his Mom and he said they are going to send up balloons with birthday wishes to Mommy on her birthday. I am so glad his grandparents are so dedicated to keeping Ashley's memory strong for her little Otto. He was the most important part of her life and I know she is always with him.

      I think it is wonderful that you journal. I always said I was going to. but never managed to do it. After my wonderful husband passed away in 2003, I retired and relocated to be close to my eldest daughter. That's when I started writing poetry again. I had written some in years prior, but did not keep my work. I think writing poetry became my therapy and my kids started pushing me to keep my work in one place and that's why I originally set up my blogspot.

      I really appreciate your taking the time to contact me. You can be sure I will stay in touch with you and your blog.

      Hugs and more, Jane