Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Love comes in many guises and is shown in many ways
It keeps our lives together throughout the nights and days
The first time we open our eyes, we open up our heart
And love surrounds our every breath right from the very start
When wandering vision brings us to yearnings we can’t disguise
Then mutual heartbeats begin and we see it in their eyes
All the words and songs and symbols repeat each pulsing thought
Our dreams surround the vision for the love that we have sought
Then the hearts that we are born with continue to expand and grow
Encompassing each and every addition as we move through the life we know
We are so lucky to be born with our hearts truly strong and pure
For we know that with all love, life will always and ever endure

Feb 8. 2012


  1. Jane .... this is so insightful. Grammy award winner!!!! Hugs, Sue

  2. Jane ....
    I have a very special invitation to extend to you. I have dedicated today, March 12th to you. Instead of doing my usual free wordart, I wanted to do something EXTRA. I have done my very first quick layout for you. In it, you will find the words from your poem called "Creativity" in it.

    I want to share that last week two things happened on the very same day .... my newest grandson, Ian was born and my mother told me she has cancer. To say that the props have been knocked out from underneath me ... is an understatement.

    I have been stuggling with some many feelings ...
    the joy of this newborn child and
    the fear of losing my mother.

    I am so blessed to have another grandchild in my life and the love of my mother. Yet, I feel somehow afraid. I wanted to explain this because your poetry today helped me gain strength in whatever the Lord has in store. And, for that I am so grateful. Your words concerning your husband, they were so comforting.

    I have never dedicated my site to just a person I have met, mostly it is other designers.

    Thank you, Sue

  3. OMG Sue - I am so very honoured that you have dedicated your site and this beautiful layout to me today. It is absolutely wonderful and I am very excited. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I am thrilled that you have another grandchild in your life to love and cherish and can only imagine how difficult it was to learn of your Mom's diagnosis on that very same day.

    I remember when I learned of my sister's diagnosis - that is when I wrote the poem "For My Sister". I truly believe in Angels and how they can provide so much strength and love and they are always with us to help in every way. I know that one just has to ask for their help and remember to thank them because as soon as you ask, they will help in whatever way they can.

    My heart is with you, Sue. I am glad that my poetry is helping you. I wish I could do more. Please write to me anytime.

    Hugs and more