Tuesday, March 17, 2015



It seems like only yesterday when you were by my side
Our lives so entwined – love keeping us sublime
I keep thinking that I will walk into a place nearby
And you will be there, like we were suspended in time

I know that won’t happen – not here – not now
It’s just a hint and a reminder of what will be
But on another plane and place in time
We will unite and our journey will set us free

Our souls will embrace before we know it
We are meant to be together – that is a certainty
It truly is amazing that the fates know us
That’s why we got along so perfectly

Oh, there were times when we drove each other crazy
But more times we were locked in loves embrace
It was meant to be from the moment our eyes met
I close my eyes and still see that look upon your face

I remember that day when all events collided
Our paths crossed when fate determined it was time
And we knew we had once again found our soul mates
Just as in the past, our future lives will surely intertwine

Fate brought us together
A union that would never part
We are inextricably united
We knew it from the very start

©Jane        March 2012
(this month was our 50th Anniversary)


  1. Good morning, Jane .... I am so glad that you like my Easter wordart that I am doing. And that touch of humor is what keeps us all "in stitches". Hugs, Sue

    1. Absolutely!!! Laughter truly is good for the soul. Today would have been my granddaughter's 24th birthday, so we are missing her even more than usual. Our family lives in various parts of the States and in Canada, so have been talking to many on the phone today and trying to work our way through the day.

  2. I just read your poem "Fate" and it is so lovely. You have the power to move a person's soul. Love, Sue

    1. Thanks so much, Sue. Glad you enjoyed this one.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words. I have just gotten home again. My daughter, Christa and husband, Mike went to Cancun, Mexico for six days. I spent six days with my grandbabies ... age 12 (Brandon), age 10 (Justin) and age 8 (Allison) and had an absolute blast!!!! I will be getting back to doing some freebies starting tomorrow again. I miss my blog and all my friends. Hugs, Sue

    1. Hi Sue - I was reading your blogs and saw that you were with your Mom. Tough times seeing someone we love going through all that. It was so great that you could go and spend some one on one time with her. I know it was good for both of you. Then back home and doing good Grandma stuff with your grandies!!! Wow,you go girl!! I am tired just seeing their ages and remembering how much is involved. Our two eldest granddaughters lived with us from practically birth til they were 15 and 16 and I remember how busy we all were. I am so glad you had a blast. You seem to be a terrific lady and an awesome Grandma. Just remember to take good care of yourself at all times. Hugs and more, Jane